Returning Home

For some students, coming back home may be very difficult. You may be leaving Japan just when you were beginning to get used to your new surroundings. You will have had many new experiences and will have acquired new perceptions about Japan, America, or your home country. Your time in Japan will have been a very personal experience, which many of your friends at home may not be able to understand or even seem to care about. You may find it hard to relate to your friends or to the latest trends and happenings on campus. This may be frustrating at first. You may reach a point where you begin to question your own country, re-evaluating what many Americans simply take for granted. You will have become a member of a small group of people who have had the opportunity to live and study abroad.

To help ease this transition, plan your return early. Make sure someone at home can register you for the next term’s classes. When you get home, you may want to contact international groups on campus and visit your study abroad office to find out ways of participating in Japan-related or international events on campus or in the greater community.

Find other students who have lived overseas. They’ll be able to more easily understand what you’re going through and relate to your feelings. You will have gained a greater understanding of the Japanese culture, while at the same time seeing your own culture from a different perspective. You will also have a very good idea about what other foreign students feel when they study in America.

We at KCP encourage you to write to us and let us know how you are doing. We wish you the very best!


Your Return Flight

You are responsible to get to the airport; transportation or delivery fees are not provided by KCP, but we do have complete information about how to get to Narita Airport. Be sure to confirm your international flight at least 48 hours before departure. If you do not want to carry your luggage to the airport, Green Port Agency (0476-32-4755), AL ABC (0120-919-120), and QL Liner (0476-35-2855),  operate luggage delivery services from anywhere in Tokyo to Narita Airport. The cost is about ¥2,000 per piece.

Be sure to pack valuables, medications, and important documents such as your passport in your carry-on luggage. Keep enough clothes and toiletries out of your checked bags to last the remaining few days. If you won’t be home when the delivery service comes to pick up your luggage, drop it off at a local convenience store that offers the service. Your luggage will be waiting for you at the agency counter on the departure floor at Narita on your departure date.

Narita Airport requires that you pay a departure tax for any international travel. Usually it is included 
in the airline ticket fee, but if you’re not sure, check with your travel agency or the airline.

To get yourself to Narita, you have several transportation options. For example, prices range from ¥1300 to ¥3500 if you are to travel from Shinjuku. Please also ask your KCP student coordinator for more information.

JR East website

Airport limousine bus


Major Airlines: Tokyo-area phone numbers

Narita Airport:

Japan Customs:



Airline name in English Airline name in Japanese Terminal no.* Tokyo-area 
phone no.
All Nippon Airways 1-South 0570-029-333
American Airlines 2 03-4333-7675
Cathay Pacific Airways 2 03-6746-1000
 Delta Airlines  デルタ航空  1-North  0570-07-7733
Japan Airlines 2 03-5460-0511
United Airlines 1-South  03-6732-5011
Air Canada エアーカナダ 1-South 03-4335-9300

*Terminal number for departure. The landing terminal is subject to change.