Fire and Ambulance

To report an injury, fire, or severe sickness, dial 119 for the 24-hour fire department. Give the operator your name and explain the nature of the emergency and the location.


Fire/Ambulance—dial 119


How to Make an Emergency Call

Speak clearly and slowly.

If possible, enlist the aid of a Japanese speaker in placing the call. If the operator doesn’t understand English, these phrases will be helpful.

Kyukyusha o yonde kudasai. (Please send an ambulance.)

Kaji desu. (There is a fire.)

Keikan o yonde kudasai. (Please send a policeman.)

Watashi no namae wa – – – – – desu. (My name is – – – – -.)

Watashi no jusho wa – – – – – desu. (My address is – – – – – .)

Watashi no denwa bango wa ban desu. 
(My phone number is – – – – – .)