Although your main focus in the KCP program is to study Japanese, it is also important to inject some fun activities that can also be fantastic learning experiences about Japan’s rich culture and lifestyle.

Japan is home to countless hot springs, parks, and gardens that will not only relax your mind and recharge your spirit, but will also show you the distinct aesthetics the Japanese are known for. If you are in the mood for some heart pumping action, you might want to join an athletic club, go shopping for clothes, gadgets, or souvenirs, or belt out songs with your friends in one of the many lively karaoke bars. If you don’t want to strain your funds, check out all the fun and free stuff you can enjoy in Tokyo.

As you roam around and explore the sights and sounds, don’t forget to practice street smarts by being cautious, especially in unfamiliar territory, and by traveling with companions.


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