Working in Japan

Many students may have long-term career goals that involve returning to Japan to work. Students in the multi-term program who have received a student visa may apply at the immigration office for permission to work part-time.Bookstores and libraries that contain English-language books are often excellent places to find information on work opportunities in Japan.


It is illegal for students on a tourist visa (not formally applying for a visa) to work in Japan.

Planning to work in Japan? These helpful sites feature valuable, practical tips for staying or working in Japan. A series of interesting articles about living, investing, and working in Japan. Tips on making money in Japan while on a student visa. If you are planning to move to, live in, or study in Japan, then don’t miss this. Aticles and advice on working in Japan. “Jobs in Japan” features several popular job sites in Japan to begin the hunt. Features the top foreign-worker job openings in Japan that need minimal or no Japanese language proficiency. A comprehensive guide to moving to Japan, from getting a driver’s license to renting apartments and paying utilities.  Hundreds of links to help you live, survive, and work in Japan. “Live. Work. Play. In Japan.” Gaijinpot is a popular classified ads site in Japan for apartments, jobs, pen pals, or events. Work and job hunting tips for everyone. Think of Craiglist in the U.S.

Pre-college students can apply for permission to work part-time, but there are limits on work times and the type of jobs you can do. To find out more, listen during the pre-college orientation at KCP.